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10 Sep

" Rebecca snapped, crossing her arms disapprovingly. ""Hey," the girl said, trying to tug her shirt back down over her ample breasts. Their friendship was a strange one, formed largely by circumstance, and Rebecca wasn't at all sure that they would even be on speaking terms if they hadn't been thrown together.

She clearly had no idea what Rebecca meant by 'floozy' but the tone of the other girl's voice was unmistakable."Honestly, Mokuba, I don't know why you lower yourself like this," Rebecca said, picking her way through scattered couch pillows to grab the girl's bag and high heels. And I don't understand why it has to be a different body every week.""I like to keep life interesting," Mokuba said, sitting up to allow Cindy to wiggle out from underneath him. He winked at her, and she blushed and smiled shyly back. ""I'm his PR person," Rebecca lied without missing a beat. As it was, they'd hardly had a choice in their friendship.

In the English anime, she is the Intercontinental Champion.The next day Yugi got his things packed waiting for his friends "Yugi?" Yami asked Yugi blinked and gave Yami the hmm look "Do think the Millenium Heart is like us or like Bakura's Millenium Necklace? Yugi rubbed his chin he didn't think about it much but still it wasa good question "I'm not sure but I think it'll be a good item you never know" Yugi told him Yami nodded then they heard footsteps to see their friends Joey, Tea, Tristan, Serenity, Bakura, Mai, Seto, Mokuba, and Devlin.As they boarded on to the jet things got chaotic since Joey and Devlin was fussing at Tristan because he was holding hands with Serenity then Serenity argued with her brother telling him that Tristan and her were boyfriend and girlfriend."You're going out with my sister I'll kill you man!Then Rebecca dumped her purse in her lap and the spell was broken."What makes you think I don't have any brains? "This one definitely isn't going to make it to the tabloids, sugar, so you should probably leave now. Arthur Hopkins had decided a year after the Kaiba Corp Grand Prix to settle down in Domino, where his good friend Mutou Sugoroku still lived.And your head makes a funny rattling sound when you move, that's how I know."Mokuba rolled his eyes and decided to ignore the impending catfight. Rebecca was a few months younger than Mokuba, but they were in the same grade, and they entered lower secondary school at the same time.In the dub, she is eight, ten in Waking the Dragons.Rebecca is the granddaughter of Arthur Hawkins, an old friend of Yugi Muto's grandfather, Solomon Muto.As he was recently discharged from the hospital, Solomon cannot Duel, so Yugi Dueled Rebecca in his place.While they Dueled, Solomon recounted how he met Arthur, an archaeologist who believed that the ancient Egyptians played an ancient form of Duel Monsters.