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15 Nov

Tribune News Service Ludhiana, December 8 These days a park outside the Khalsa College for Women, Ghumar Mandi, has been encroached upon by a large number of boys, majority of whom happen to be the students of GGN Khalsa College. Not only their haphazardly parked vehicles cause traffic snarls on the busy Rani Jhansi road but as soon as the college closes, these eve-teasers get an opportunity to pass nasty remarks at girl students.

Since the authorities have failed to take stern action, the boys have a field day outside the girls college.

I love to make these for Sunday brunch and enjoy them with a side of avocado. Just warm up in the morning as you head out to work!

Also, this recipe can be easily adjusted to make 12 muffins, just double the recipe!

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Offre soluzioni integrate a monte ed a valle delle linee produttive, creando sistemi completi ed integrati.

These breakfast egg muffins are the perfect combination of an egg omelette and hash browns, all in bite!

Each bite is packed full of amazing, mouth-watering flavor!

During the Vietnam War, the Vietnam cafe production was interrupted, particularly in Buon Ma Thuat (Buôn Ma Thuột), which was already the main centre of Vietnamese coffee production.

After the end of this war in 1975, the coffee industry was nationalized in Vietnam.