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18 Oct

However, he still showed that he was a good man, rejecting his mom's proposal to have children before marriage, and has already thought about designing accessories such as rings and necklaces for his other half in the future. ) , who is turning 30 this year, is unable to fulfill his wish of being married with children by 30 years old.Now that I’m not busy anymore, it seems there’s already a new love interest to report about *gasps*. Check the pages to your right where you can find out about my country. If you want to find out more, just do not forget to visit my homepage whenever you are online to check for latest updates. He also did not forget to announce the good news of opening his first clothing store in Shanghai, and explain about Taiwanese idol Jiro Wang (Dadong) specially came to Hong Kong to attend a promotion event for "Taiwan Brands Show", attracting more than 100 fans.This birthday, Jiro has already prepared a large gift for himself.Between September and October, he will be opening his own clothing shop in Shanghai.Then she turns around for a brief moment to talk to the director.On their way out, Fan Bingbing maintains zero interaction with Mr Handsome, Wu Chun, as if she's afraid that her boyfriend Li Chen will be jealous if he sees them chatting happily together in the media.

Más adelante, él también se unió a la popular banda de chicos taiwanesa Fahrenheit.

A partir del tiempo estudié en el extranjero en Australia, a la vez mi madre falleció, a través de la muerte de mi mejor amiga y manejar mi negocio en Brunei.

Lin Lai Sui (Ariel Lin) had her design, Daisy, stolen by Chu Xing when she was five.

QQ: Luhan plays basketball "wets body", mysterious long hair girl at scene to show support 1. [ 813] He's indeed famous, but he doesn't seem to have his own opinions, feels like he doesn't know how to survive in the entertainment industry. [ 678] What the, not Wu Qian right, my heart is broken 9.

[ 2898] Haven't you realized that those who are hating on Lu Ge are all men? [ 1714] Like a woman, feels like vomiting looking at him 6. [ 309] There's only one man who looks sissy and yet has manly behaviors - Wu Chun 10.