Who is wwe kelly kelly dating

04 Oct

Before entering the world of wrestling, she was a bikini model.As Barbie Blank, she modeled for Hawaiian Tropic and Venus Swimwear.Kelly, aged 28, whose real name is Barbie Blank is a former WWE Divas Champion engaged to ice hockey player Souray.She is not only promoting her new reality show but also intently planning her wedding to her beau which will be held in January 2016 in Cabo.You know, then he had this like chair set up and he was like okay you’re gonna you know use this chair and he kinda like showed me the dance.And he like took his jacket off and kind of swung it around and I’m standing there like 19 years old. I like loved him and I’m watching him show me how to dance…he was good, he was really good!“They are both very similar, WWE is just like a soap opera but with wrestling, while Reality TV is just like that but the characters are real and the drama is real! And while talking about her transition from a professional wrestler to a reality star, the former wrestling valet said: “The transition was very easy for me because I’m used to the cameras being around and I was very comfortable so I was able to be myself.” Talking about the greatest challenge she faced during the filming of the show, Kelly jokingly said: “I would have to say the biggest challenge was to not let myself get into my old wrestling character (laughing), because when I would get into arguments with the other girls I would automatically turn into a WWE DIVA. ” Besides her part in the show, Fashion also asked the WWE Diva about her personal life with her then boyfriend now fiancé Souray.

Kelly, in a recent interview with Fashion Style.com, promoted her upcoming show WAGS.Some of WWE’s Divas have developed a reputation for the amount of superstars they have slept with over the years, some much like AJ Lee have met one superstar (AJ met and married CM Punk during her time in WWE) and ended up dating and marrying him before she then retired from the business. The following list is made up of WWE Divas who are rumoured to have slept their way to the top, the women who have slept with multiple superstars from the locker room en-route to what was then, a career to be remembered. Victoria The former WWE Women’s Champion was famed for her Widow’s Peak and independent attitude, but she is also rumoured to have slept with John Cena during her time in WWE.No matter how hard you work at your craft, if rumors start to emerge that you’re sleeping with the top talent, it definitely does not make you look very good!“You’ll see in season 2 we’re, we actually become really good friends…everyone kind of does a 360.” “This season I’m, It’s all about my wedding.I don’t get involved in the drama which you’ll see me just be like ugh I can’t deal. I do get in some bantering, um but I try to, I try to control myself.“My first day, Vince was like okay this is what you’re gonna do.Based upon her modeling, she was granted an interview with the WWE and in 2006 went to work for their then minor-league affiliate, Ohio Valley Wrestling.In June of 2006, she appeared on the first episode of that always ended when her jealous boyfriend, Mike Knox, stopped her from finishing her dance.John Laurinaitis saw her in a bikini catalog and contacted her modeling agency about hiring her and Victoria Crawford.Barbie signed with WWE after her agent advised her to, and reported to OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) for further training.This time, it was a dance troupe that also featured Layla and Brooke.That summer, it was revealed that their contract was controlled by the Miz.