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07 Jan

Stern's law firm first handled Anna Nicole Smith's modeling contracts in the mid 1990s.Stern met Anna Nicole Smith in 1998, after the death of her husband J. When she fought for the Marshall's fortune, Stern presented her direct examination at the trial.Tragic model Anna Nicole Smith has been 'vindicated' after a Los Angeles judge dramatically overturned drug conspiracy convictions against her former boyfriend Howard Stern, he said today.Stern, 42, and Anna Nicole's psychiatrist Khristine Eroshevich, 63, were convicted in October of conspiring to violate the false name statute to obtain pain killers for Anna Nicole.

Stern, were on trial on drug conspiracy charges related to Smith's death.Eroshevich wept when the rulings were announced while Stern greeted the news with a smile.The ruling marked the denouement of a long-running drama centering on the blonde beauty's troubled life, which was documented on reality TV, in tabloids and in trial testimony.Today he said his thoughts were with Smith as the judge announced the decision.'I was looking up in the sky and thinking, she's vindicated,' he said.Stern, right, Anna Nicole Smith's son Daniel Smith, third from right, and unidentified guests during the 2004 Halloween party at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles.less In this photo released by Playboy, Anna Nicole Smith poses with Larry Birkhead, second from left, Howard K.Eight years after the tragic death of Anna Nicole Smith, the charges brought against the late star's longtime companion Howard K. Stern was previously convicted on two felony charges in 2010 for conspiring to use fake names and for using false pretenses to score prescriptions (at the time of his conviction, he was also cleared of nine other charges).Smith was 39 years old when she died in 2007 in a Hollywood, Fla.hotel room after suffering a prescription drug overdose."Howard Stern simply has been through enough ...I find there is no reason to permit this case to go forward," Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert J. Citing what he believed was a "basic unfairness in the charging of the case," Perry said that Stern was charged because he is a "public figure." In February 2011, Perry vacated the 2010 felony charges against Stern, pointing to a lack of evidence.