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07 Nov

These pajamas are for my husband, I guess the cat’s out of the bag!

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If the person who did not draw the card—the guesser—guessed correctly and your answers matched, they get to keep the card. At the end of the game whoever collected the most cards, meaning they answered the most questions correctly about their spouse, is the winner!

If you’re not ready for the game to stop, you could go back through the cards that were guessed incorrectly and ask them to the person who was not asked it originally!

There are certain things that my man, I wouldn’t be with my man if he couldn’t check me. I was actually in a salon in a little suite and he walked in. ” This Wednesday, our special guest co-host @The Real Eve opens up about the first time her husband saw her without a hair weave.

He’d be the one to make me smile a little bit more and blush a little bit more.” During an earlier episode this week, Eve also said that Cooper was the first man to see her without a hair weave. Check out this hilarious teaser, and tune in tomorrow for more candid Girl Chat!