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09 Sep

Wascana Lake was originally created in 1883 by damming Wascana Creek between Angus and Rae Streets, 1½ blocks west of the present Albert Street dam and bridge, to provide a "stock watering hole" — the rolling stock of the CPR, that is.The Lake was soon turned to recreational use and Reginans took to the lake for sailing and canoeing.

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Are you still looking for the Mr Darcy to your Elizabeth Bennett? Or even a playboy millionaire for a little B&D, if that’s your thing.A few tweets cropped up online when fans were watching and, as rumours always do, the speculation over pregnancy soon took on a life of its own.Nicola has well and truly dismissed them however with this brilliant tweet: Nicola has recently been at the centre of some classic Emmerdale comedy scenes after catching Bernice and Jimmy in various awkward situations including in states of undress during a plumbing mishap and in a hotel room. If you’re familiar with Iannucci’s work, you’ll know he’s also responsible for some of the most inventive swearing and bizarre black comedy ever broadcast in TV history.One of the running ideas in Iannucci’s work – from Alan Partridge to Selina Meyer – is the gap between puffed-up public image and paranoid private persona.Most recently, he’s been working on a feature film that might touch on these tensions again.Do you have a thing for ‘tall, dark and handsome’ types? Are our romantic types and tastes simply that – matters of taste – or do our preferences reveal deeper prejudices?about the role race plays in the world of 21st-century dating.In the documentary, Chingaipe interviewed sociologists, psychologists, research scientists and daters – looking closely at the data to reveal some confronting trends and patterns in Australia’s online dating landscape.What better way for bookish sorts to form a bond than over your favourite paperback?(Or ebook, if you’re that way inclined.) To celebrate World Book Night, we’re bringing back literary speed dating.