Validating scanner profiles

12 Dec

Both approaches showed a significant “sex-typical” gradient, with women outperforming men in verbal memory relative to spatial tasks.

Both methods also yielded similar profiles of sex differences, with the additional computerized measure of face memory showing better performance in women.

Digitally born office documents can be processed with: The neural-based automatic document classification technology enables sorting of documents by types (e.g.

driver license, bank statement, tax form, contract, invoice, etc.) and custom subcategories (e.g.

New specifications are governed by NIST’s SCAP Release cycle in order to provide a consistent and repeatable revision workflow.

The relevance of neuropsychological testing to psychiatric diagnosis and treatment has been the focus of recent investigation (Sharma and Harvey 1999).

Traditional neuropsychological test batteries have been developed and validated in neurological populations with focal and diffuse lesions (Benton 1994; Kaplan 1990).

Age effects were evident for both methods, but the computerized scan isolated the effects to speed rather than accuracy.

Therefore, the computerized scan has favorable reliability and construct validity and can be applied efficiently to study healthy variability related to age and gender.