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05 Nov

This definition does not state anything about the kind of software being distributed.

This is on purpose, because containers are content agnostic by design.

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Famines are declared officially when people have already begun to starve to death.

Every developer knows the pain of incompatible software. " The main goal of containers is to deliver software.

Problems arise quickly when working on multiple projects needing different versions of a Java runtime, especially on Os X. Two colleagues of mine spent hours debugging incompatibilities of their Open SSL and Python versions with a Homebrew package. The newly founded Open Containers project gives the following definition: The goal of a Standard Container is to encapsulate a software component and all its dependencies in a format that is self-describing and portable, so that any compliant runtime can run it without extra dependencies, regardless of the underlying machine and the contents of the container.

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What you want to deliver and how that should be used, is up to you entirely.

In this article I propose a distinction between service images and executable images. Executable images are less common than service images, but a very useful addition to the mix.

The last one worldwide was six years ago, in Somalia.

It is the diplomatic equivalent of a seven-alarm fire.