Updating 1920 s home wiring

12 Nov

Our upgrade from 100 to 200 amps and new breaker box ran about 0.The difference could be due to replacement of other wiring around the old boxes.Our electrician said they have some sort of tool to snake out the old wires and replace the new ones through the "already there" outlets to minimize damage to walls.Anywho, haven't done this yet, but thought something we were told might be helpful. [email protected], Shannon is right on with her information although I would say that the estimate for replacement of the main service panel and upgrading of the service to today's standards is a bit high in my experience.Rough estimates are not possible for the reasons you mentioned, too many variables.Your location, permits, availability and quality of contractors, condition of your walls etc all play into factor.

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I realize there are a lot of variables involved with the project, but any rough estimates are really appreciated.Someone told us that because we have plaster walls this is a big deal. That sounds more like a breaker or receptacle problem than a wiring problem. If you do need rewiring most interior wood frame walls are hollow and wire can be fished through, though it may be necessary to make small openings here and there to fish from floor to floor or around duct work, plumbing, or other obstructions.We were under the impression that the electrician could just thread the new wiring through the wall but our friend told us they have to tear down the plaster walls. Are we really looking at having to go through putting up new walls in addition to new wiring?! If your electrician says otherwise, visit with a different craftsman.Your older home’s stately exterior and ornate fixtures have with- stood decades of wear and tear because of solid craftsmanship.But what looks like a well-made structure on the outside can be hiding a dangerous secret behind the walls: aging electrical wires that pose a fire risk.You may be able to get better detail if you seek a forum that is very specific to your neighborhood or part of your city, but the cost where I am could be 2k more or less than the cost for you and the cost in Baltimore and the cost in Sacramento.You mentioned you already had estimates for time and materials, if that is the way more than one contractor quoted you, that is kind of what you just have to deal with. Does K - K seem ridiculous for a re-wiring and subsequent wall repair project?As an experienced DIYer I've fished miles of lines inside walls in homes a lot older, and a lot newer, than yours. Get a licensed electrician to figure out what's going on... Lots of old homes with lath and plaster walls have very high base boards... I had plenty of room to pull wire pulling off the base board in places I couldn't access from the attic or crawl space...There are special drill bits in any length needed...upgrades needed to our 1920s Chicago-area 4 square house, we're considering re-wiring our house that has knob and tube wires and plaster walls throughout. Also - I've heard some electricians will only do time and materials estimates. What's a reasonable cost range that we can expect for a whole house re-wiring project, including patching any wall damage?