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30 Apr

Over ten years of, there have been very few performers who have captured the hearts of the viewers quite like Allison and t Witch, despite the fact that neither of them actually won their season.

In season two, 18-year-old Allison Holker showed up with outrageous technique and soulful acting to raise the bar for contemporary dancers in the Top 20 while partnering an untrained hip hop dancer in the show’s first successful marriage of the two styles.

I am here 100% of the way for him." "There's three of us now," an excited Andy added.Holker performed with Earth, Wind and Fire at the opening and closing ceremonies at the Olympic Games in 2002, and in the Disney movies High School Musical and High School Musical 2.On television, she has been seen in various commercials and advanced to the Top 8 on the second season of So You Think You Can Dance, and danced in that season's SYTYCD nationwide tour.” She adds, “I’m so excited for everyone to know and be able to celebrate with us because our whole family is just so excited about this.It’s the biggest blessing.” Holker made the announcement in the green room before she and her partner, Andy Grammer, took the stage. Holker also said she will continue with the competition while pregnant — a first for the show. Holker is credited with a wide variety of work in film, television, and concert tours.She is known from her appearances on the television dance competition So You Think You Can Dance, where she was a contestant in season 2 and an all-star in seasons 7 through 11.“This was such an amazing night and I’m so glad the news is finally out there,” she told PEOPLE after the show.“It has been so hard to keep it bottled up inside me — both literally and figuratively!Seven years later, she married (in the non-metaphorical sense) the most popular dancer (hip hop or otherwise) ever to appear on the – season four’s Stephen Boss, a freestyler known as “t Witch” whose unique style, adaptability and unthinkable charm redefined the role of streetdancers on the show forever.They both became All-Stars in season seven, returning as experts in their respective styles to help show off the new contestants.