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21 Jan

We’re pleased to reveal that the team walked away with ‘Most Admired Speciality Retailer of the Year’ and ‘Most Admired National Supermarket Chain of the Year’ Along with our partners at The Clearing we helped redefine the customer experience and create a new store proposition truly aligned to their position as the market’s only premium offer.

The project involved the total overhaul of the store format, covering product, service, environment and in-store communication.

The concept created a series of distinct product zones, including a wine cellar, bakery and delicatessen.

The number of different industries that are represented, the different topics and the integration between the two conferences really provides a breadth of scheduling opportunities.”“Certification is credibility, hands-down.In the marketplace, you’re gauged against competitors in your field based on your ability to deliver a product and knowledge of your field, which certification verifies.”“I Have Brought on Two New Clients using skills aquired and have more in funnel.This has greatly increased my visibility and allowed me to be a sought after speaker as well. I prefer my old satin nickel Colt Model 1911, .45ACP.I believe s/he is presenting le5bos as an alternative to dating morons. The finger-pointing has not been limited to politicians and CEOs.The institutions responsible for educating our business leaders have also been caught up in the witch-hunt, prompting a period of uneasy soul-searching among staff at business schools across the country.Our creative team have enjoyed learning about the unique aspects of retailing in an entirely different culture and the challenge of blending the best of both worlds to deliver a uniquely Indian, luxury customer experience.Godrej Nature’s Basket has taken two prestigious awards at the Coca Cola Golden Spoon Awards in India.I made a presentation yesterday to a large corporation.When I told them that I was a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® they said, “We want to do business with you because you know what you’re talking about.”“For me, it was really important to see people who were interested in furthering their career, in taking the time to learn and get certified so that they would have the credentials that they could present as part of their resume.”“I think if anyone is going to be working in healthcare reform, one of the best things to do is get certified.