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06 Feb

Got a question about etiquette in the digital world? (CNN) -- If you're young, urban and didn't import a significant other from college, it's pretty likely that you're on an online dating site.

Granted, a lot of online dating is scrolling through photos, immediately weeding out "not my type," "holding a baby" and "just a torso," but even if someone deems you attractive (ironic mustache and all), a travesty of a first message can ruin all chances of romance.

Crocker gained fame in September 2007 from his viral video "Leave Britney Alone!

", in which he tearfully defended pop singer Britney Spears' comeback performance at the MTV Video Music Awards; his video received over four million views in two days.

Suddenly “friend count” was one of the most important metrics in the industry.

It was a gift to all of us who spent way too much time worrying about artist web presences.I'm sure we can all agree that this gets pretty annoying after a while.Just like Myspace and Facebook did before, IG will become a fad in due time.While his grandfather reportedly knows little about his Internet fame, his grandmother has reluctantly appeared in some of his videos.Editor's note: Brenna Ehrlich and Andrea Bartz are the sarcastic brains behind humor blog and book "Stuff Hipsters Hate." When they're not trolling Brooklyn for new material, Ehrlich works as a senior writer at MTV, and Bartz is a news editor at Psychology Today. Your missive doesn't have to be Pulitzer-worthy, by any means -- although spell check really doesn't hurt -- but there's a whole passel of openers that will get you deleted from a digital dater's heart. Until then, these are the 50 Types Of People You Encounter On Instagram. The Internet Model This girl just tries too hard to look sexy.And while she’s hot, she is not nearly as poppin’ as she thinks she is.You will frequently find her throwing 50 plus hashtags on her selfies in a thirsty attempt to obtain more followers and likes.She truly believes that by doing this, she will break into the game and become a real model. When asking her what her modeling agency is she will simply reply Instagram.This comment says: “Just a little reminder to you that, even though the semester may be over… While it's the favorite social media source to millions of people worldwide, we are slowly starting to see the market become oversaturated. Well if you haven't noticed every user is beginning to become the same person, spewing out the same redundant bullsh*t on a weekly basis.