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07 Feb

Blaire is sent a link to a screenshot of a past message in which Val told Laura to kill herself.Val is suddenly brought back into the chat, but then is shown falling to the floor.They were comparing notes about favorite films and in the course of so doing, my daughter revealed that she's 14 and lives in California, and the other person shared that ''she'' was 27, living in Thailand, doing ''volunteer work.'' She asked my daughter if she had a camera (!!!) and then my daughter asked me if we had a Webcam in our new computer.Since 2010, social media is the newest killer on the block.Released: 2011Main Social Media Featured: Chat room Two teenage girls start chatting with a guy online.They think he's only a little older than they are, and the bolder of the two friends goes out to meet him. Then her friend goes looking for her and finds answers best left alone. Released: 2012Main Social Media Featured: Chatroulette Smiley is an urban legend; a guy with a horribly mutilated face who "did it for the lulz." A surprisingly effective slasher with a striking villain for millennial horror fans.Released: 2013 Main Social Media Featured: Facebook, a.k.a.

A year later, her former best friend Blaire Lily is in a Skype chat with her boyfriend Mitch Roussel and their classmates Jess Felton, Ken Smith, and Adam Sewell.

Last evening, after a really boring Sunday at home all alone (by choice, after rejecting the few ideas we had of things to do), our daughter was spending time on Skype, as she often does.

Until now, her conversations have been limited entirely to her best girlfriends, who are also in 8th grade.

After they invite Val to their chat, Jess's Facebook page is updated with racy photos of Val at a party.

Jess states she did not upload the photos and deletes them, but the pictures reappear on Adam's account.