Teairra mari dating bow wow

10 Apr

Teairra Marí (born Teairra Marí Thomas; December 2, 1987) is an American singer-songwriter, dancer, model and actress. Productions released Teairra's first album, the EP Get Away, which became a local sensation. Candy Tookes, a friend of Big Mike, introduced the pair to industry veteran Daryl Simmons in Atlanta, Georgia. According to Shakir Stewart, VP A&R at Def Jam, in an interview with Hit Quarters, "Teairra was a star when she walked into the room. We fell in love with her from day one."Marí worked with Jay-Z in his first collaboration project since becoming president of Def Jam Records, to create "Make Her Feel Good" along with producer Sean Garrett, the lead single from her debut album on Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam that reached number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #9 on the R&B charts. The second single "No Daddy" had a video that led to commercial success on MTV.which also stars Naturi Naughton [3LW, Notorious Movie], Ice Cube and Brandon T. I’ve always thought Teairra was dating an athlete for some reason, but her and Bow look cute together, that is… Check out the pictures below and decide whether they’re dating or not?Da Brat wrote ‘Bounce with Me,'” stated the 31-year-old.Berg then turned his attention to his former cast mate Ray J. “I just can’t support Ray J and Wack 100 and the moves they make. I must say that it wasn’t really known that you and Ray J had such a lengthy relationship. Who would you say your favorite cast member is on ? It’s funny because all my favorites are the turn up queens. I never thought I would mirror them in any possible [way] because I don’t like to fight in public. That’s a real statement because the timing was just dead on for all my freaking drama to be aired. You mentioned new music, so on the season you’ll be putting together a project? So I think she gets a bad rep for grown ass people’s decisions. How [the cast] reacts and what [the cast] does is what they do. And I’ve had my moments this season and I will never blame Mona for them. Yeah, when Joseline socked Stevie J in the counseling meeting. It’s crazy ’cause I never saw myself being the turn up queen but I have definitely been put in some situations where I have turned up this season. What can you tease about one of your biggest moments on the show?

He went on to share some conversations he had with Karrine “Superhead” Steffans about Bow. Berg later discussed Jermaine Durpi and Da Brat writing lyrics for the ex-child star.

Sources tell us one cop suffered a "minor cut" to his hand during the incident.

As a result, Mari now faces multiple charges -- including DUI and assault on a police officer.

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, with her relationship with Ray J setting sparks fly as the two fell apart in shocking ways.