Tantric dating

14 Dec

People can hide behind words and can say or write anything they want, but when it gets to action you will experience and know an another person for real.During our dating events we practice Tantric intimate yet sometimes hilarious exercises together without saying a single word to help you discover the most important features of your partners.Are you brave enough to surrender to your deepest bliss?If so – you are welcome to TANTRIC DATING MASTERCLASS – a gathering of men and women with the intention to fully understand each other and experience how it is to meet in presence and unconditional love.

Did you know that you “talk” through your eyes, face, hands and body.

You learn more about them on one event than you would by chatting to them for days.

I believe the most efficient and fun way to date is to meet and experience a lot of people in person.

In this retreat we deal with polarity as a way to create attraction and magnetism.

We deal with questions of how to take lead decisively without feeling creepy and being fully open around people you are attracted to.