Stop word auto dating

04 Feb

Similarly you can stop Word from the changing the date to the system date by following the below simple steps : In the Date and Time window, un mark the check box with label as Update automatically then click OK button to confirm and save the changes.

By this way Word users can stop automatic update of date field to the current date.

If you look at the full Tools menu you’ll see that there is now an Autocorrect Options menu item.

Select that and you’ll see a dialog with several tabs corresponding to the different types of automatic changes Word can make for you.

We get a lot of documents sent to our office from clients where we then have to print those documents and organize them on their files.

Unfortunately, we get a lot of letters and memos sent to us that have the automatic updating date field in them.

Going forward, be sure that box is not checked when you want to insert a static date.

t=92243) I have no idea why Word 2007 doesn’t allow a user to turn this off via a check box.

If you’re using Word 2010, do you know whether this functionality has returned?

For your old documents, you'll have to delete the date field and replace it with the date that should be there. It's probably the date that the document was created or last saved.

In Word 2003, choose Properties from the File menu to find the Created date.