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06 Sep

“Frankly speaking, the swipe is an amazing invention,” Rappaport told The Post, noting that it’s great for sorting through apartment listings and holiday gifts.“But when you apply the concept of the swipe to a human being, you transform the human being into an object.” Well, perhaps, but Tinder boasts of more than 50 million users.I saw people who said they were an administrator, blogger, boss, and CEO,” Edelin says.

The only two actions I can take are to heart that image and endorse it or follow the person to see more like it,” Edelin says.My top five areas of concern are (in no particular order of importance): When data and log files (which ideally should be on separate volumes altogether) share a volume with any other application that creates or expands files, there is the potential for file fragmentation.In data files, excessive file fragmentation can be a small contributing factor in poorly performing queries (specifically those that scan very large amounts of data).Happn executives attribute its growth to the fact that it is different from Tinder — it’s more about relationships, they said.“It’s not a hookup app” like Tinder, Rappaport declares.fine-tuning maintenance practices to fit their new databases' characteristics.More frequently, however, the questions come from people who are not professional DBAs but for one reason or another have been given ownership of and responsibility for a database.In New York City, Happn now has 250,000 active users — one-quarter of its US users.Investors are especially impressed that between 55 and 60 percent of Happn’s registrants are monthly active users, and another 40 percent of those are checking the app every day.As Mobidia describes it, "My Data Manager is a popular app that will help you take control of your mobile data usage and save you money on your monthly phone bill.Use My Data Manager every day to track your data usage and ensure that you don't go over your monthly data bill and incur unnecessary charges." The other plan members will need to join the Shared Plan after they've downloaded the app.