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08 Oct

Het Kaaps viooltje vindt zijn oorsprong in Afrika, om precies te zijn Tanzania en het zuidoosten van Kenia.Daar groeit hij in een vochtige atmosfeer op lichte plaatsen.Some are well known and by now classic selections; others are personal choices you'd otherwise need to dig a little deeper for.As ever, it's presented in no particular order, and is not intended to be some spurious 'objective and comprehensive' list of 'the best' dance music remixes in the world.A great remix is a rare and precious thing, yet the qualities that make a remix great tend to elude easy definition.Sometimes it takes nothing less than total demolition, fucking with the formula so violently that what finally emerges bears next to no resemblance to the track you originally placed on the chopping block.Opvallend zijn de bladeren: stevig, vlezig en dankzij de lichte beharing beschikken ze over een hoge aaibaarheidsfactor.

Met de weldaad aan bloemen - variërend van paars en violet tot wit en bleekblauw – is het kaaps viooltje een aantrekkelijke verschijning.

Karyotypes can be used for many purposes; such as to study chromosomal aberrations, cellular function, taxonomic relationships, and to gather information about past evolutionary events.

Chromosomes were first observed in plant cells by Carl Wilhelm von Nägeli in 1842.

Others it's quite the opposite: a slight extension here, an extra couple of percussive elements there, a few bars reshuffled in either direction, enough to subtly shift the energetic balance of an already great track into overdrive.

Indeed, in the dance music world where functionality is often the primary concern, a remix often has to offer little more than a utilitarian makeover in order to succeed in its objectives.