Sex for free in seattle

28 Apr

Healing in Action Self-care tips and advice on navigating the medical system for individuals involved in the sex trade & street-based economies, by Young Women’s Empowerment Project How to talk with your Health-Care Provider A Tip-Sheet on ‘Vetting’ Health-Care Providers and Building Rapport, by PERSIST Health – NYC Trade Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Safety, Health and Well-Being for Sex Workers A thirteen-chapter guide that holistically addresses well-being.Trade Secrets, by and for diverse individuals involved in different types of adult work, was compiled by the British Columbia Coalition of Experiential Communities between 2007-9.There were approximately 10 placed the first year; by the 2013-2014 school year, that number had jumped to 170.But one of the greatest benefits of the clinic, it seems, is the degree to which it’s opened up the conversation around birth control in the school.And that might be why students at a Seattle high school are lining up to get IUDs and other birth control implants — for free! Contrasting sharply with the attitudes toward sex and sexuality promoted at countless public schools across the country, Chief Sealth International School is taking a different approach, offering students the option to receive the contraceptive of their choice at no cost and without having to use their parents’ health insurance.Thanks to a Washington state Medicaid program called Take Charge and the nonprofit Neighborcare, teens can access confidential counseling on different birth control methods — and LARC insertion — more easily than they can buy a soda, Grist reports: If a student decides that an IUD or Nexplanon hormonal implant is best for her, she can make an appointment and come in – often with a friend for support.Tricks of the Trade Health & safety advice primarily for street workers, but useful for anyone in the adult entertainment industry.

Health and Wellness Strategies 10 things you can do regularly to maintain a healthy, balanced life whilst in the adult industry.

Children’s Film Festival February 2018 (undated) 1 mile east See the best and brightest in international cinema for children ages 3 to 12 at the Children’s Film Festival Seattle at Northwest Film Forum.

Erotic art party February 2018 (undated) 1 mile east Dress up for an evening of burlesque, live music, fancy appetizers, wine, and a silent art auction to benefit the Erotic Art Festival (April 28-30) at A Black Tie Affair in a Capitol Hill home for age 21 .

Girls will openly trade stories about what kind of contraception they’re using.

“It’s absolutely amazing and crazy,” Acker told Grist.