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21 Feb

In addition, Hoosier teens report higher levels of dating violence and suicidal ideation than in many other states.“The success of our state is directly connected to the well-being of our children,” says Tami Silverman, IYI’s president and CEO.Living and especially housing costs are very attractive, and relatively high incomes give strong buying power.There is some college presence with local campuses of Indiana, Purdue and Indiana Wesleyan universities.

Mississinewa Lake to the northeast offers recreational opportunities.

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– Data compiled in the Indiana Youth Institute’s (IYI) 2017 KIDS COUNT in Indiana Data Book reveals that, in many cases, Hoosier youth are not thriving. The Data Book shows Indiana’s children are more likely to be victims of poverty and maltreatment than their peers nationally.

Young adults between the ages of 20-24 are more likely not to have sex after the age of 18 compared to Generation X.

Since turning 18 years old, 15 percent of millennials had no sexual partners compared to six percent of adults born in the ‘60s.“What we’re seeing is not the narrative that people assume is taking place,” said Bryant Paul, Associate Professor at Indiana University’s Media School.