Self monitoring and dating relationships

07 Dec

It is defined as a personality trait that refers to an ability to regulate behavior to accommodate social situations.

People concerned with their expressive self-presentation (see impression management) tend to closely monitor their audience in order to ensure appropriate or desired public appearances.

Those who monitor themselves in a highly meticulous manner are considered high self-monitors.They tend to use situational factors to explain their behavior.They have many friends, but are not very close with most of them.The problem seems to be that they can't turn the self-monitoring the act of observing and regulating one’s own behavior in a social context.According to what many psychologists observed, here a personality characteristic that makes an individual pay closer attention to a social situation so that they can change their behaviors to fit that situation.Were people more inclined to behave consistent with their personality traits or were they influenced by the immediate social situation?The self-monitoring construct offered a resolution to this debate because there was no need to argue that humans were influenced entirely by either traits or situations.They tend to project a particular image of themselves in order to fit in or impress others.High self-monitors readily adjust their behavior to the situation at hand.