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25 Nov

The project sounds like a horrible cliché: Ryan Reynolds is an FBI agent who must escort a criminal suspect to court, the suspect is played by Sandra Bullock.

On their way to trial they’re ambushed and end up on the run.

It seems like all the love for Reynolds and Bullock gives them the potential to become a new favorite on-screen couple, perhaps up to the level of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan proportions, but the writing better catch up with the talent (also an action comedy which is getting its own sequel) definitely has potential, but I hope Chiarelli gives Reynolds and Bullock something more to work with on paper this time.

Though Bullock doesn't have anything else lined up to follow her Academy Award winning performance in Alex's Top 10 - 20161.

It’s being pitched as having a tone similar to that of 1988’s Midnight Run, which would make it more action-comedy than romantic comedy.

Does that make Sandra Bullock the new Charles Grodin?

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Probably, until Brad Pitt will officially confirm that he is dating someone, a series of rumors will continue to be linked to the famous actor.Sandra Bullock never wanted a real proposal After four years of marriage, “The Proposal” star Sandra Bullock admits she once hoped to avoid matrimony all together.“I’d had a boyfriend in college and I was talking about going to New York some day and he said, ‘Why are you talking about New York? We’re going to be married and start having kids,’” Bullock recalled in an interview with the Daily Mail. I just thought, ‘Is this what it’s going to be like? I didn’t want any of that for myself, so I really didn’t want to get married at all.’ That is until she started dating “Motorcycle Mania” host and future husband Jesse James.Sandra and Bryan are rarely spotted out and about together, but they look like they are still going strong as a couple., I found the movie itself, mainly the writing, to be a bit lacking despite a great effort from Betty White. The dating rumors were exposed by New Idea, an Australian tabloid, and were naturally debated in numerous other publications.The report claimed that Brad and Sandra were a couple and have been secretly seeing each other for quite some time.The report also claimed that things are going so great between Sandra and Brad that they actually plan on taking things to the next level.The pair allegedly enjoyed a series of secret dates and they have spoken on the phone numerous times.THR says Reynolds and Bullock will reunite for another romantic comedy, called Most Wanted.After the success of their last movie together, The Proposal, I guess this was inevitable.