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26 Nov

During that time, he also played the role of Todd's identical twin brother, Victor Lord, Jr., in two episodes during flashbacks.

Summer was described as “a passionate loner who has been in and out of institutions and is a small-time thief.” Wilson took to her Twitter account on Thursday when the news was revealed stating: “I’m so excited to finally share this with you all!

One of the things I really like about Franco is he really is different when talking to different characters in his life.

Todd on _One Life to Live_ did this to some extent, too.

When I was a twelve-year-old girl, my favorite movie was "Baby Geniuses".

Then when Todd was speaking with Dorian (Robin Strasser) it was this sort of snarky thing, and then between Blair (Kassie Wesley De Paiva...

In 2003 chose not to renew his contract with _One Life to Live_ and continue playing his iconic role of Todd Manning, to played Paul Ryan on As the World Turns (1956), even though ABC Daytime offered him more money to continue playing Todd.

He is best known for playing Todd Manning, most recently on the ABC soap opera General Hospital, and previously on the former ABC soap opera One Life to Live. He also played Paul Ryan on the former CBS soap opera As the World Turns.

Just months after it was established, the Dubs Amendment has been ditched by Theresa May’s Government on the eve of a parliamentary recess, in a move described as “shameful” by Lord Dubs, who brought in the measures to help child refugees.

The closure of the scheme has met with widespread censure.