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08 Mar

The name honors General Anthony Wayne, an American Revolutionary War hero and American statesman.Wayne County is less than 50 miles west of, and is in the same Congressional District as, Syracuse.Hernandez had been housed in a single cell in a general population unit at the maximum-security state prison in Shirley.He tried to jam the cell door to prevent guards from opening it and hanged himself with a bedsheet tied to a window, Fallon said.Rockland Worksite Daycare provides early childhood care on the Rockland County campus in Pomona for both Rockland employees and the general public.Colleges and Universities Looking to send your child to college? Look no further than right here in Rockland County, where there are several acclaimed educational institutions.Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez hanged himself Wednesday in the prison cell where he was serving a life sentence for murder, hours before his ex-teammates on the New England Patriots visited the White House to celebrate their Super Bowl victory, authorities said.

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Nineteenth century War of 1812 skirmishes, Great Lakes sailing ship commerce and Erie Canal barge traffic have yielded to contemporary recognition as one of the world's most productive fruit growing regions.

The Rockland County Industrial Development Agency (IDA), Rockland Economic Development Corporation (REDC) and other partners can provide further information, resources, and hands-on expertise, as well as a wide range of related services and incentives to help businesses invest or expand its footprint in Rockland.

Childcare Rockland is home to many quality daycare providers. for resource and referral services for families seeking accessible, affordable, quality early childhood and school age care and education.

Wayne County ranks as New York's top apple producing county.

This was an enormous county, including the northern part of New York State and all of the present State of Vermont, extending (in theory) westward to the Pacific Ocean.