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16 Sep

Magazine, Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mc Adams are getting back together.

Well, that wasn’t too difficult to predict, was it?

He adds that if his mom were to ask him to meet someone, he would.

"Absolutely, I would trust my mom." says Gyllenhaal.

Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mc Adams seemed to have great chemistry both on-screen and off-screen when they were working on “The Notebook,” but in a new interview, the film’s director revealed Gosling actually tried to get his leading lady kick off the set of the flick. I’m just not getting anything from this.'" The director dished that Gosling and Mc Adams had a screaming match. I smoked a cigarette and everybody came out like, 'All right let’s do this.' And it got better after that. I think Ryan respected her for standing up for her character and Rachel was happy to get that out in the open.

In honor of the 10-year anniversary of “The Notebook,” director Nick Cassavetes spoke to VH1 about the problems between the pair while they filmed the romantic film – though fans will remember they eventually went on to date in real life. "We went into a room with a producer; they started screaming and yelling at each other," Cassavetes said. The rest of the film wasn’t smooth sailing, but it was smoother sailing." After the film was hit theaters in 2004, Gosling and Mc Adams dated from 2005 to 2007.

Ryan even described Rachel as one of the “great loves of my life.” November 2007 issue, “God bless The Notebook.

It introduced me to one of the great loves of my life.

He said that their romance was better than , and to compare it to that movie does it a disservice."Maybe I’m not supposed to tell this story, but they were really not getting along one day on set. "And Ryan came to me, and there’s 150 people standing in this big scene, and he says, 'Nick come here.' And he’s doing a scene with Rachel and he says, 'Would you take her out of here and bring in another actress to read off camera with me? PHOTOS: Costar couples While they were dating, the actor spoke to GQ about his romance with his costar."God bless ‘The Notebook.’ It introduced me to one of the great loves of my life,” he said in 2007.I mean, Ryan and Rachel were really one of the cutest couples to ever exist, so sue us for hoping that this story is true. There aren’t many details available just yet, but I have a feeling the writer of this article was also a Mc Gosling fan.In all seriousness, I can see Ryan and Rachel possibly reconciling, but not right now."I think it's a good move." Well, he does have a history of it -- his ex Taylor Swift even wrote about it in her song "All Too Well." ♫ And your mother's telling stories about you on a tee ball team, You taught me 'bout your past, thinking your future was me.♫ "My mother believes she thinks arranged marriages might be able to work," Gyllenhaal jokingly says.“But people do Rachel and me a disservice by assuming we were anything like the people in that movie.Rachel Mc Adams and Michael Sheen, 44, split after two years of dating in late February.“It introduced me to one of the great loves of my life.But people do Rachel and me a disservice by assuming we were anything like the people in that movie.