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19 Nov

A front office assistant at a hotel in Nairobi says the management decided to cut the cost of rooms by half to attract the lunchtime clients.“Most of the single rooms are fully booked during the day, but empty at night.However the Tusker bar directly opposite the once infamous 680 hotel is a different story.The place has a canvas/ corrugated iron roof with trees poking out here and there, has a circular bar in the middle, bunch of tables on one side and a live music gig stand on the far side.So brazen has the sex industry become that recruitment is done openly through newspaper classifieds and websites.One notorious website invites job applications complete with a passport photo with promises of, “immediate employment.” It used to be that the epicentre of Kenya’s sex trade was on Nairobi’s Koinange Street.Lunchtime sex is the in thing for cheating married couples who do not want to attract the of suspicion of their spouses and public scrutiny.It is not uncommon to find the parking lots of hotels and lodgings full at lunchtime, yet the restaurant areas are empty. The clients have another idea for a midday ‘meal.’ Soon after, the parking lots empty out (and the rooms) empty out as the clandestine lovers make a dash for the office, satisfied beyond the content that comes with a sumptuous dish.

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A spot check at most hotels in the city reveal that the room occupancy rates during the day hit an all-time high of 90 per cent, but by nightfall, the occupancy rate falls to almost single digit.We are Nairobi's (and Kenya's) first guide to massages, massage parlours and spas. Best ke is your guide to the BEST massages in Kenya.We offer massage therapists and massage clinics and spas an easy way to list their massage practice or clinic to attract more clients. Apart from young women, youthful men are getting into the game by offering sexual services to upper-class men and women.As it turns out, many women who have succeeded in Kenya’s corporate sector find themselves single.She took me to a room and we had sex in the afternoon full bj and arse fuck. straight to the room, she undressed herself and me, smiling at my big man, she was so good. started missionary, she gasped when I made contact with her tight pussy, she kept talking of how big it was, telling me it was so good. Central Nairobi is pretty much as safe as houses - there's almost no street crime and things in general "work" better dare I say it than quite a few European cities!!During 9 days I fucked Suzie who pretended to be a virgin and later Shelly. she gripped my arms tightly, the look on her eyes was priceless pure pleasure. Outside of Westlands, the other area frequented by Euros and Expats, the centre has all the big hotels and bars.While I was walking down in Nairobi a woman begged me for money.I gave her 100 shillings then we started to talk and quickly she offered me to visit her sisters. There were 3 girls of age 18, 23, 27 the mum of course and 1 other girl. She asked me not to go too deep which I did on that first occasion. hot young things aged 18 to 23 years or at least they looked like it.Interestingly enough, the trade is not growing in the familiar sense of twilight girls but assuming legitimacy through massage parlours, e-commerce websites, tourism, strip clubs and international dating. " data-medium-file="https://nairobichronicle.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/dt51aa.jpg? The relationships usually involve the lavishing of gifts, housing, cars and cash in exchange for sex. w=300" class="size-full wp-image-387" title="dt51aa" src="https://nairobichronicle.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/dt51aa.jpg? w=468" alt="A Kenyan website advertises sex services." srcset="https://nairobichronicle.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/dt51300w, https://nairobichronicle.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/dt51aa.jpg?