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03 Sep

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Team Xbox's Review: Score 9/10 and Editor's Choice Award Game Pro's Civilization Revolution PS3 Review: Score 4.25/5 Game Zone's Civilization Revolution PS3 Review: Score 8.7/10 IGN's Civilization Revolution 360 Review: Score 8.8/10 IGN's Civilization Revolution PS3 Review: Score 8.8/10 1Up's Civilization Revolution PS3 Review: Score B 1Up's Civilization Revolution 360 Review: Score B Game Informer July's Score: 9/10 EGM's Verdicts: Andrew P: B / Jeff: A- / Jennifer: A- Sign up for the Firaxis Newsletter!Another love of his is being able to share his knowledge to others seeking it.Feel free to drop any comments or questions that you may have.Well, I had some major problems with my PS3 recently locking up and not playing any games or movies.After calling Customer Support, they suggested that I do a hard reset.Welcome to the official Civilization Revolution website, your resource for all things Civilization Revolution.We'll be updating this site frequently to bring you the lastest news, screenshots, and information about the latest installment in the Civilization universe.Guts, better known as the Black Swordsman, is a former member of the Band of the Hawk who seeks revenge after a traumatic experience.Fight through hordes of enemies while you unfold his story and earn yourself a platinum.Enter the world of Sugar Maple Coast filled with endless possibilities.This guide will help you get all of the required trophies in the most streamlined way possible while enjoying what the Sims has to offer. This game is packed of 5 different short games to show-off the VR experience.