Pros about interracial dating

26 Feb

Image Source:“Is it true what they say about white men/Indian Men/Chinese Men/Mexican Men? Image Source: If you’re the first person they know in an interracial relationship, you’re sort of like an ambassador. ” Image Source: It’s 2013, but some people still have strong opinions about interracial relationships. The thinking may be old-school but it can be hard to shake the feeling. Hearing “she thinks she’s too good for the brothers” or “he couldn’t possibly know what to do with that” can be par for the course.

from 411 Lofts “You can have the opportunity to learn about a new culture.” –Charnay W.

Thomas said that dating her Arab boyfriend became difficult when their religions clashed, “There became a point where we just broke up because we knew that was no future for us.

We loved each other but there was no use dating when we knew it wasn’t going to go anywhere.” Another factor to consider is that even though we don’t live in the past, some of our relatives do and might now approve of the mixed relationships we have for the simple fact that it wasn’t approved of when they were younger.

from Courtyard Apartments “I think that only dating within your race only limits you.

It limits the chances of you meeting a potentially great partner just because you’re hung up on the shade, notice that I said shade, of their skin.” –Jenny H.