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05 May

I’m nothing next to the purity that she experiences.” Similar accolades poured in from everyone from Kurt Cobain and Elvis Costello to Madonna and Jon Bon Jovi.Despite the widespread critical acclaim, Steve Albini, who recorded most of the album with the band at Pachyderm Studios outside Minneapolis, came in for his fair share of criticism for, among other things, the album’s rawer-than-raw sound and the walls of noise that sometimes obscured Harvey’s vocals.Please Leave Quietly is about music, sufficient unto itself.Read More 2004 was a year of infotainment overload when popular culture became increasingly co-opted to the business of selling. HARVEY's latest album, Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea will surprise listeners with its positive spirit and sheer lust for life.Limited tickets are still available for September 1 at the Olympia and September 2 at the Waterfront Hall, Belfast.Too many live albums are about the stuff that didn’t actually get captured on tape: the ritual, the lights, the t-shirt, the bog roll, the bar tab.

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Lire la présentation Dernière News : ICONE / La britannique PJ Harvey en concert au Zénith de Paris ce vendredi !

PJ HARVEY / KASABIAN / LA CARAVANE PASSE / DJ SHADOW / CLEMENT BAZIN / DAKHA BRAKHA / BEAR'S DEN / MANDO DIAO / CHARLI XCX / NERVO / BOMBAY ROYALE / RUDIMENTAL / BIXIGA 70 / DANNY BROWN / GTA / BOHEMIAN BETYARDS / KLARA & THE POP / VALENTINO KHAN / D-CONSTRUCTION (DYPTIK) / VAN HOLZEN / TARAB (COMPAGNIE 7273) / CIRQUE ALFONSE: BARBU / ROY PACI & ARETUSKA / KOSTA KOSTOV concert Pj Harvey / Kasabian / La Caravane Passe / Dj Shadow / Clement Bazin / Dakha Brakha / Bear's Den / Mando Diao / Charli Xcx / Nervo / Bombay Royale / Rudimental / Bixiga 70 / Danny Brown / Gta / Bohemian Betyards / Klara & The Pop / Valentino Khan / D-Construction (Dyptik) / Van Holzen / Tarab (Compagnie 7273) / Cirque Alfonse: Barbu / Roy Paci & Aretuska / Kosta Kostov à Budapest, concert Pj Harvey / Thee Oh Sees / Dj Shadow / Helena Hauff / Prieur De La Marne / Car Seat Headrest / The Idles / Foxygen / Froth à Saint Malo, concert Pj Harvey / Jain / Fakear / Her / The Kills / Peter Peter / Timber Timbre / Band Of Horses à Saint Cloud.

PJ Harvey has a walloping, 50-foot-tall legacy — musicially and emotionally raw when stadium angst was a boys club; opening the door for everyone from Alanis to Karen O.

Harvey has gone out of her way to point out that her songs are of course by no means autobiographical, so it is absolutely forbidden that any significance be read into the fact that Harvey dated and broke up with Nick Cave between the release of To Bring You My Love and the making of Is This Desire? With that possibility banished from the equation, her 2000 album, Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea, should be viewed only in the context of her preceding output.

That said, something striking must have happened in the two years after Is This Desire?