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08 Oct

Trinidad & Tobago: Jack, Avery John, Sancho, Lawrence, Birchall, Whitley, Edwards, Theobald, Glen, Stern John, Yorke. Now they're showing pictures of England's David Beckham running around like a six-year-old full of orange drink. and once again there's no sign of mascot Goleo VI and his sidekick Pille the Erudite Ball. It's not the teams: "Barry Glendenning's got a picture of a comely Swedish woman at the top of his page, and you have...? 14 min: Birchall is quite good at either kicking people or making excellent crunching tackles, depending which side of the fence you're on here. That might tell you what's wrong with Goleo VI." 22 min: Jack comes out for another needless little wander outside his box. Though whether I'd have that attitude if I supported T&T is another question entirely. "Does Pille have an angry little red goatee on his synthetic panel chin there?Subs: Andrews, Charles, Cox, Gray, Hislop, Ince, Jones, Latapy, Samuel, Scotland, Wise, Wolfe. Do the brainless goons producing this dreck not think that anyone worried about England will be over on proper ITV watching the England game? He's got his mouth open, and England's John Terry's running after him with his yap swinging listlessly in the breeze. He's all over the midfield, winning every loose ball like a sort of cut-price Roy Keane. This is the first time they've had any sort of possession for a while now, and all they can manage are a few pointless triangles (er, you know what I mean) in the centre of the park, and then a piss-poor through ball straight to Jack in the T&T goal. Does that mean he’s supposed to be more edgy than his smiling, soft leonine friend? Not sure about the goatee, Brian, but he's well pissed off alright.From grill table, don't use the learn more depth as much month to single men to find online links to a variety of sites.Cheque chosen the wrong site dating a non christian man or even real life seemed.As a single Christian, do you feel like God has someone special in mind for you but you just haven’t found them yet?

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Paraguay: Bobadilla, Nunez, Gamarra, Caceres, Caniza, Barreto, Acuna, Paredes, Dos Santos, Santa Cruz, Valdez. The national anthems: Paraguay's track takes a while to kick in, with a bassline that sounds like something from one of those Radiohead albums everyone raved about at the time but nobody listens to any more, but when it eventually slips into gear with some jaunty horns, it really begins to rock. 1 min: Kelvin Jack's first touch of the competition (remember he's in for Shaka Hislop) is with his chest, as he races out of his penalty area for a bit of pointless fun. 2 min: Early pressure from Paraguay, as Barreto swings in a free kick which nearly bounces through a crowded area and into the net; Jack does well to dive to his left and turn it round for a corner. 4 min: Now Bobadilla has to make a save down the other end. "I'll stick with you for a while," he says, proclaiming himself the "founder member of the We Love Scott Murray Charity". Paraguay hack clear from a corner, which T&T cock up badly with some pointless fancy flicks.

Subs: Bonet, Cabanas, Cuevas, Da Silva, Gavilan, Gomez, Lopez, Manzur, Montiel, Riveros, Toledo, Villar. 7.47pm: The first email's in, much earlier than expected! "I will be following the England-Sweden," writes Xan Perez Perez. Hello and goodbye." The teams are about to come out... I know the company knocking out all the merchandising tat went tits up, but why have the mascots been airbrushed out of the tournament? Trinidad & Tobago's steely trill still sounds like a milk float crashing into a village pond. "I would follow both games," writes Joanna Epstein. A deep free kick sails into the Paraguay box and it's met with purpose by the head of Glen, who heads right-to-left across the keeper; the ball's palmed away to safety. Doug Harris may have got to the root of the lack-of-emails problem I've got going on. Acuna swings in a free kick from wide on the left, it's headed towards goal by Dos Santos, and immediately helped on by the head of Sancho, whose intervention steers the ball past Jack. T&T have a fair bit of work to do if they're to qualify now.

Referee: Roberto Rosetti (Italy) Kick off: 8pm Estimated time of arrival for first reader email: An optimistic 8.13pm ITV4, who are covering this match... And that those tuned to their godforsaken channel might like to hear about the two teams playing in Kaiserslautern? "If you want readers you’d better lose the mascot picture," advises Michael Roca. " 20 min: Edwards hares down the right and nearly latches onto a through ball from Birchall. Then Paraguay steam straight down the other end, Baretto crossing for Valdez to send a weak header wide of goal. Well, I've already sat and typed out the bit about Baretto crossing for Valdez, so I'm not deleting it, unimportant or no. According to the official literature, he doesn't like being kicked.

28 min: Yorke nearly sends John clear in the box with a wonderful scoop over the Paraguay back line, but it's just too far away and bounces out for a goal kick.