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01 May

One night, Lila and Kenny give in to their mutual attraction, but immature Kenny doesn't pursue her any further.When Lila lets a new boyfriend talk her into stripping at a nearby club, her world falls even further into ruin.A mid-13c., "a throw, an act of throwing," from cast (v.). The sense of "a throw" carried an idea of "the form the thing takes after it has been thrown," which led to widespread and varied meanings, such as "group of actors in a play" (1630s).

Today we're launching a great new Sexyloops product - a camouflaged micro-fibre fishing shirt.

Details A bit of a late Front Page this one, filling in for Bernd today who's busy teaching and fishing since 5am!

I've just driven up from Kuala Lumper (which I've discovered means "Muddy Confluence" in Malay) and Ashly and I are staying in Grik tonight - tomorrow it's back aboard the "Rocket Condom" - so called because a) it looks like a condom when it's raining - as aptly named by Lars - and b) it has a max speed of 40.5km/hr now it has a 30HP on the back and not a pussy 15!

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