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10 Oct

Kasia looks so hot, her tits so nice, pussy is perfect, and she’s so pretty with her big horny smiles! so her and Dimitri were just talking about who knows what and the phone rings. Many have sent us thier public nudity pics Dare games or other similar adult party games.This happens to be all the time though and honestly enough is enough, this is the last time that some girl stands me up.

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Please keep in mind that these dare-to-bare pictures & stories are of real people so please be nice to them if they leave their contact info.The older pics (below in red and white) came without a story. Public Nudity adds an extra 'rush' because going out in public and flashing your tits or getting totally nude or naked, runs you the risk of getting caught and seen by total strangers. Similarly, posting a picture online like at this site is a little like flashing in public because thousands of leering eyes will see you every dayy.Check out your submitted Public Nudity Pics and dares below!The photos below are just a very small sample of what you will find in my member's area.I really thought this weekend was going to be different, or at least better than all my other weekends.All images on this website are licensed and comply with .All models are believed to be at least 18 years of age whose links are listed here contact corresponding websites for any question regarding and such.By the way, I just fucking hate it when I end up at one of those big commercial porno sites with photo sets of posed models in some sterile studio somewhere and there really isn't much of a story behind the photos. All of my photos sets are the real deal and I always write a story describing the photos and what led up to them.I really enjoy sharing all the naughty thoughts that were going through my head while the pics were being taken.Below are links to naked pictures and stories of people who have dared to bare themselves.Mostly people like you and me who like being naked at home or in front of others.