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24 Dec

As an Early Childhood Program educator, you'll connect with children and their families, providing quality child care and education in environments that are rich with possibility.VES’s ECCE can initiate you in a career as an Early Childhood Program educator.However, the long years of colonial rule, the travails of freedom struggles and Independence, and the efforts thereafter to govern in the modern Nation State System while dealing with several complications inherited from colonial rule, resulted in the blurring of the ties that bound the people of our two countries in the ancient past.Today, with the end of terrorism that plagued Sri Lanka for 30 years, and the rise of India on the world stage, we have a historic opportunity to once again renew our traditional friendships, especially with the Southern States of India, and restore our age-old ties.You can work as a family child care provider in day care centres or crèches after successful completion of this Early Childhood Education ECCE course.You will get an opportunity to work as an early childhood special needs educator or educational assistant working in centres for children with special needs.

My topic today is Sri Lanka and its Relations with India.

My visit to Bangaluru and the recent appointment of an Honorary Consul for Sri Lanka in this city are manifestations of Sri Lanka’s interest to establish greater links with Karnataka, the land of the Kannadigas.

While Karnataka projects itself to the world as “One State, Many Worlds”, Sri Lanka presents itself to the world as “A Land Like No Other”.

It’s a pleasure for me to be here today at the Bangalore International Centre.

The work of this Centre as a hub of cultural and intellectual activities, assessing and assimilating global influences, and reaching out to the world at large, is important in the context of India’s rise on the world stage.