Michael jordan dating phil mickelson wife amy mickelson

13 Nov

Mickelson poses in front of Hayden Library on the campus of Arizona State.

Michael Jordan is a good friend of Phil's main rival, Tiger Woods. Jordan also played basketball, but can't really speak to that. There's not a hint of a scintella of evidence - evidence! I mean, the only reason we know they have sex is that they have three kids.

I guess you could have made the case for Tiger and Elin but after the incident with the 9-iron I don’t think they qualify anymore.

Call me crazy but Amy doesn’t strike me as the type who would hunt Phil down with a club (well at least not for the reasons Elin chased Tiger around).

Mickelson talks to a child at Walmart on Murphy Canyon Road in San Diego.

The Mickelson Foundation was hosting its 6th annual back-to-school shopping spree for 1,500 underprivileged elementary school students.