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” One of the challenges to answering these questions is that the secular world has been busy normalizing masturbation and dispelling negative consequences (though it really isn’t true that you will go blind).

Many of us who have gone to counselors, even pastors, about our own masturbation habits have been told, “Don’t worry about that!

Chances are, your dad never talked to you about it while you were growing up.

But it’s a painful issue for many Christian men out there.

In June 2007, Reubens appeared as Pee-wee Herman for the first time since 1991 at Spike TV's Guys' Choice Awards.

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He is best known for his two television series and film series during the 1980s. Not long ago, I read a book called “Models: Attract Women through Honesty” by Mark Manson. Yet, before you run away, allow me to explain the benefits of a little self-control.In fact, I had no idea how much I was stunting my growth by not only watching porn, but also by masturbating way too often.After reading his book, I abstained from masturbation and pornography for 11 days.Then, watch the TED Talk: The Great Porn Experiment: This causes everyday pleasures to be less exciting than porn activity. I am not constantly craving something every time I get bored or stressed 74. This is same for other addicts, but it’s true for porn addicts as well. No drive to succeed in business, relationships and life. They will go to work, joke around with guys, come home, eat, get online, jerk off to porn, and repeat. Single men, in particular, wonder what they should do until they get married.They may even ask, “Isn’t it better to masturbate and satisfy my natural desires in this way rather than some — clearer’ form of sexual sin?Due to negative media attention following a scandal in 1991, Reubens decided to shelve his alter ego during the 1990s, then gradually resurrected it during the following decade.It was at that time that Reubens addressed plans to write a new Pee-wee film, Pee-wee's Playhouse: The Movie.