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If one could make alive again for other people some cobwebbed skein of old dead intrigues and breathe breath and character into dead names and stiff portraits. The center also operates a research library with local genealogy collections. Featuring historical displays related to the history of Benton County, Minnesota, the museum holds a large collection of genealogical items such as naturalization records, old newspapers, plat maps, high school year books and other historical documents.Located at 218 1st Street North in Sauk Rapids, MN. Housed in the German Renaissance style 1910 Post Office, the museum is dedicated to the preservation, display and interpretation of the history of Brown County, Minnesota.

I can honestly claim I was a real Coney Islander; I was born in Coney Island Hospital and grew up very happily in Coney Island, first on West 29th Street between Mermaid and Surf, then in the 28th Street side of the elevator building on Surf Avenue in back of the Half Moon Hotel. I went to PS 188, Mark Twain, and graduated from Lincoln High School.

I had wonderful friends from all over the neighborhood. Thank you for taking the time to create this site, there was no better place to grow-up then Coney Island.

Gilda, whose family owned Mirrer's Bakery, Cynthia Damond, Richie Hahn, Marilyn Richman, Irving Graff. Thanks Jon Duffy To: [email protected]: Fri, Feb 13, 2009 am Subject: THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES I often revisit your site to catch up on new entries from former CI "grads". Through your site & Classmates, I have reconnected with several old CI & Seagate friends, such as Bob (Reuven) Zasler (now living in Israel), Gino Zizzo, Bob Shumsky, Barry Mennen, Mike Nelson, Ken Solnit, and Ron Cohen (from "Sunny Boy" and also now in Israel).

Ashford reprised the role for three days, appearing on May 24, 2016, June 20, 2016, August 5, 2016, and August 23, 2016.

At the character's inception in 1987, the role was recast two times, originated first by Joseph Adams from April 10, 1987 to July 17, 1987.