Lister pump dating

06 May

Manufacturer of the famous Lister Petter diesel engine.

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Lister-Petter P600/3 - New, unused old stock engine. Most engines are reconditioned to order using our stock core units. Others, including marine units, are built to the buyer's required specifications. We can supply most engine models on an exchange or outright basis, or rebuild the buyer's own engine. Lister is a specialty that we have developed and we stock a huge parts inventory in North America. We provide service and overhaul aftermarket parts and solutions for your obsolete equipment as well. With the decline of Lister from their position as prime engine supplier for many industrial, marine and domestic applications, there has been a corresponding falling away of the support network for these fine engines.The UK dealer network has almost disappeared, making specialist service, choice of supplier, advice and parts supply hard to come by in many areas. Lister-Petter TS2 Available hand or electric start. Lister-Petter TS3 Available hand or electric start. Lister-Petter TX2 Available hand or electric start. Welcome to our diesel generator & Lister engine parts, service and support pages! We stock for models CS, SL, LD, LR, SR, ST, HA, HR, TS, TR, TX, LT, TL and most of the older obsolete machines.Sleeman and Hawken have been trading over 50 years with diesel engines and marine related products.We have an experienced team of parts and engine sales personnel available to assist you to identify and locate your requirements.