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15 Oct

It was all done to try to offset the negative press.” Scandal has dogged the powerhouse morning show recently, after Josh Elliott decided to ditch GMA for a lucrative sports deal at NBC.

Although sources say his bosses were happy to see him go, it was still a shakeup on set.

(Photo by Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC via Getty Images) MICHAEL STRAHAN, SCARLETT JOHANSSONGOOD MORNING AMERICA - Michael Strahan interviews Jake Gyllenhaal on 'Good Morning America,' Monday, March 27th, airing on the ABC Television Network.

(Photo by Heidi Gutman/ABC via Getty Images) JAKE GYLLENHAAL, MICHAEL STRAHANGOOD MORNING AMERICA - Michael Pe� is a guest on 'Good Morning America,' Wednesday, March 23, 2017, airing on the ABC Television Network.

She may have a criminal record, but Strahan’s girlfriend can rock a bikini. Prior to the move, he appeared frequently on the morning show as a correspondent.

However, the scandal could have been defused if ABC had just told his “Live” co-host, Kelly Ripa, about the shake-up.

It’s cringe-worthy, according to Amy, and she hates to see it.” “With Michael Strahan about to join the show, Amy is preparing for even more of an ick factor,” the source continues.

“Lara is a married woman, and it’s just unprofessional in Amy’s opinion.” PHOTOS: A Look Back At 2012′s Morning Show War In addition, as Radar has reported, sources say Robach resents Spencer for blowing Robach off during her cancer battle.

According to police records, Kayla Quick was arrested twice: at 14 for disorderly conduct, and in 2005 for grand theft after allegedly breaking into her grandma’s home and stealing ,000 worth of jewels. The couple was inseparable while sipping cocktails. It all started when Strahan released a statement that he would be leaving “Live” and joining “Good Morning America” full-time in September.

And now, only Radar can reveal the reason: Robach thinks Spencer is a huge flirt!

An insider reveals, “Among the gripes Amy has with Lara is that she shamelessly flirts with the male staff and guests.

Before then, she was the national correspondent for Good Morning America and spent several years as a lifestyle reporter for WABC-TV.

She also hosted Antiques Roadshow on PBS for the 20 seasons, Following college, Spencer went into the NBC page program where she would volunteer to work with other reporters in order to gain experience.