Jiyong and dara seen dating

04 Oct

G-Dragon of Bigbang and Sandara Park a.k.a Dara of 2NE1 are both making headlines nowadays.They both shared a photo sporting the similar dark shade of purple hair color.It was just after G-Dragon’s alleged breakup with his rumored on-and-off girlfriend Mizuhara buzz the internet.The controversy about “Dara Gon” (combination of Dara and G-Dragon’s name) started way back 2009 when the two both appeared in “Lollipop” music video.I made my own caps and included the two translations provided by the two Applers who helped us translate it.Read the that entry which I no longer have access to that page, neither anyone of you. sorry for sounding like a stupid lecturer on a boring language subject, feel free to kick me, now im posting this for those who don't know or understand yet, but for those who do, you can tell me to shut up..kekekekenow, the two meanings are not exclusive, or inclusive of the other.of older females call their sweethearts "oppa" even though they're older, meaning that they use the second connotation of the word, that means the guy is someone "special" to them...while the rest of the girls use the word "oppa" in its first meaning, as an older male...?

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If YG is to follow their protocol they would be making sure that the privacy of their artists are kept under a tight lid.

Since we already know that G-Dragon, Se7en and Sandara Park used to hang out often before, then it might also be possible that even Park Han Byul is one of their close friends as well. His first message from the archive seems to be about Dara applying at YGE again. He did helped Dara pursue her singing career from the past along with Se7en.

The most intriguing message was about the ' at that time.

But holding hands in front of the camera is not exactly their norm.

Known to prevent inter-artist dating, at least publicly, YG might be up for changing their policy on relationships and dating bans.