Is sanaa lathan still dating steve rifkind

18 Feb

But now when I look at older women, I sometimes forget their age because they look amazing – with or without make-up, and I’m not just talking about celebrities, I’m talking about women around the way mostly.

To be honest, I think humans are aging better in general, which means a young man can deal with an older woman without feeling like Eddie Murphy smashing Lady Eloise in Boomerang.

"Let's just put it this way -- I am dating." "For me, I need somebody who is a communicator," she shared. I need somebody who's confident." Lathan previously dated actor Omar Epps, retired NFL player Adewale Ogunleye and Loud Records founder Steve Rifkind, while Montana was seeing reality star Khloe Kardashian.

Soul singer Maxwell bought Champagne for the whole dining room during his birthday dinner at Co-Op in the Hotel on Rivington Thursday night.

After Maxwell's friends, actress Sanaa Lathan and model Jessica Stam, sang "Happy Birthday" in front of fellow diners Rachel Uchitel, actress Cassandra Seidenfeld and Paperstreet Films producer Austin Stark, he passed around the bubbly -- at a cost of ,000 -- to everyone in the room and later danced up a storm with the leggy Stam to 1950s music.

After Sanaa Lathan posted the above picture on her Instagram, many rumours began to circulate that she’s dating San Francisco’s starting quarterback, Colin Kaepernick.

At first I was confused as hell because I SWORE she was married to Steve Rifkind, but honestly I don’t keep up with celebrity drama like I once used to .