Is dating your friend a good idea

08 Apr

The pretence worked too well and they've now been married many years.More recently Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino, who are very old friends, revealed they were an item at the Cannes Film Festival. You solve a marketing problem by studying how to market and sell books, which is a different skill from writing them. Pick up the pen, go to the keyboard, and use your words. Many people with an idea want an authority to tell them their idea is worthy. However, if you want a guarantee that you will sell thousands of copies, that’s a marketing problem, not a writing problem. You’re not doing heart surgery or charging across flaming trenches.They got on really well as friends and one night they decided to play a prank on a friend they had staying for the weekend.They slept in the same bed so the friend would find them together in the morning and think they were a couple.Would you consider the person you're dating a best friend? Studies indicate couples who consider one another best friends have an overall more fulfilling relationship.My oldest friends from New Zealand, Dave and Julie met at university when they shared student accommodation.

In fact, 42 percent of women would rather be celibate for the rest of their lives than have sex with their best friend. Planning to woo their friends in case this whole “dating thing” doesn’t work out.But is the transition from just friends to “in a relationship,” worth the risk?What if you have a messy break-up and then lose your best friend? The transition from best friends to boyfriend and girlfriend worked on shows like , but real life is a bit trickier than a sitcom.We talked to David Coleman, author of Date Smart, Making Relationships Matter!and 101 Great Dates, and some collegiettes who have dealt with this issue firsthand. It’s easy to mistake being compatible with someone platonically for being compatible with that person romantically, especially when they’re your cute guy friend.Writing a book yourself is the long way to go in helping other people. You’ll be a better writer if you become a better reader first. Just write a draft of a single chapter and see what happens. If an idea lingers in your mind, and won’t leave you alone, just do it.If you’re thinking of writing, do some homework: does a book like yours exist? The question then is: how is your story is different? But of course independent of what others have done, you can decide you want to write your book anyway. It’s an excellent investment of time, but only if you think it is too. The only chance for sanity is to get the idea out of your mind and down on paper or on a screen.In other words: do you like him, or do you like him? It’s easy to want your cute guy friend who makes you laugh harder than anyone to turn into your boyfriend, but remember: a cute guy does not a boyfriend make.“If you write for yourself, you’ll always have an audience.” -Bruce Springsteen “We can secure other people’s approval if we do right and try hard; but our own is worth a hundred of it, and no way has been found out of securing that.” – Mark Twain It will take many hours to write a book. If you think your story can help people, that’s excellent. Your idea is good because it’s yours, and it means something to you.But maybe your real dream guy has been right under your nose all along.Your male best friend is someone you feel comfortable around, someone who knows the real you.