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02 Apr

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I have just been hit by the "Irish charm cannons," as my brother coined them. " And they ask these no-pressure questions indiscriminately. He signed off with a cheerful shout out to Bernie in Ballyhaunis on her 80th birthday.Although we are active all over Europe, our Irish site doesn’t allow daters from anywhere else but Ireland.When you join PARSHIP, you know you’ll never have to go too far to meet any of the recommended partners we send you.In addition to public mortification, here are five other reasons to love Irish men: They don't ask deep, introspective questions upon meeting. " asked the 40-something, cell-phone-clipped-to-chinos man who looked at me with no trace of irony. When the leader of the Western world came to Dublin, the Irish sardined the streets to see him. The most macho among them say the word "lovely" with some frequency.We were in the waiting room of a Northern California doctor's office. He's an Irish macho man and he (proudly) doesn't own an umbrella.By contrast, only 16% of European single men (24% of British men) preferred the idea of marriage, with 37% opting for less formal long-term commitment.Bianca Mercer, Country Manager UK & Ireland commented: “Unlike male singles in other European countries, Irish men still value the tradition of marriage over simple cohabitation.But this doesn’t stem from traditional religious beliefs: only 7% of the men polled said their future partner should be of the same religion.“It’s been proven that men who are in a long-term committed relationship are generally happier and healthier than single men, they live longer and experience less stress, proving that commitment and marriage is much better for your health than casual lust and passion.” Topping Irish men’s requirements of their next partner were humor and laughter, honesty, openness, fidelity, equality and intelligence, with 70% of Irish men saying these were important attributes, and although 66% of men said sex appeal was important, only 40% lent importance to looks.We know how important discretion is, which is why we don’t show just anyone your picture. “What I really liked about Parship is the anonymity of not having my photograph for just anyone to view..." - Irish Independent, March 2011."Parship isn’t a flirting website aimed at casual flings.