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21 Feb

In order to realize this dream -- and, honestly, just to have some fun too -- I've decided to sell all my being in a cubicle, all day? This story starts in September of 2014, when I began to internalize the realization that my college loan -- my last piece of debt -- would be paid off in December. Her solution: Sell/give/toss everything, buy an RV, and travel the United States, with her husband and children. With the impending New Year existential crisis, and the seed of minimalism and travelling planted by my sister, I began to explore the idea a little more seriously. but damn it all, if it won't nag you, in the background... In order to drill it, we wedged a 2x4 with a wooden block on top, so my Dad would have something to drill into. It's thinner than regular insulation, and fit perfectly, without compression.I have attempted to catalog the build process of the van, in hopes that it will be useful in some sense, to someone, somewhere. Photos shot using my i Phone 5S, with an olloclip 3-in-1 lens. Check out the video tour, on You Tube: Contact me via Twitter, @voidqk (pronounced "void cookie"). We attached it to the ceiling using 3M spray contact adhesive. I decided to use a layer of Reflectix under the plywood.You will find in-depth posts on new channels, features and updates, and we make it a point to read through the comments. Where to look if you need help Having trouble playing?

Validation in particular would be useful if you were accepting credit card payments on your own site and wanted to make sure the cards were legit.You can, however, get unlimited free trials on those sites using a simple trick with your email address if you have a valid card number with expiration date and CSV.There's also an Android application for getting fake card numbers called Card Gen, available for free in the Play Store.How many times have you picked up the phone, only to find “Rachel from Cardholder Services” on the other end?We bet you’ve spoken to her more times than you’d like to admit. Her recorded voice offers to lower your credit card interest rates – but later in the call, customers are asked for an up-front payment.This means the pictures will progress correctly, and make sense. We tried coming up with different clever ways of attaching a roof rack...But it also means that if you're looking for one particular piece of information (e.g., how to setup a solar panel system), you will have to hunt down the appropriate tid-bits of information. but couldn't figure out a way that was really satisfying. I bit the bullet, and bought the Euro Campers Van Tech H3 Style 2 Bar Aluminum Roof Rack.Even at the very least of curing your boredom, temporarily, while you sit in your cubicle and pretend to work. It probably doesn't provide much insulation, but I figured it would at least help fill in the gaps between the ridges on the floor.I will be documenting the build process in chronological order. We used 3M spray contact adhesive to glue it to the floor. My name is Sean, and I'm a 32 year old software developer. I couldn't blame my situation on the idea that I had to pay my bills, because all my bills were under my complete control. And what is this nagging dreadful feeling of death and doom that I feel looming over me, all the time? " "Hell, if I was travelling all the time, I could buy food fresh, every other day..." "What about using the restroom? Maybe not as clean, but not the end of the world..." Slowly, my subconscious mind, sorting out all these little details... I didn't see what the big deal was, but I suppose it was pretty easy for me -- I just watched, for the most part. First, the hole for the wiring for the solar panels.Most of my career has been in web development, but ever since I was a young lad slinging code in upstate New York, I've dreamed of making games. I was certainly happy, for obvious reasons, but another part of me was truly terrified. "Paying off my debt" was my prime motivating factor for a large part of my adult life, and now that it was going to be paid off -- except for my mortgage -- I had some digging to do. :-) Around this same time, my older sister was going through her own self-actualization. Until a question would bubble up to awareness, demanding a tiny experiment: Off to Lowes! Throw away all my food, and cram what I need into the fridge. We used a grommet to try and protect the 12 gauge wire from rubbing against the metal edge. Quick side note: We were happy to find duct insulation for the ceiling.