Girls i fucked from ts post op sex dating females only online dating

06 Sep

Well after the creation of the new appreciation thread, I looked into Trans women even though I didn't agree with it at first.

But can I say that some of these girls/women turn out beautiful after the op.(PS I'm confused cause I don't know if that makes me gay or not) One of them was Kim Petras and I was just like wow. Do you think that a Trans gender women has the responsibility of telling their potential partner/suitor of their medical history?

Any surgical procedure, especially one of that nature, is obviously going to be personal.

Would you continue dating them if this fact was established early on in the relationship? Vital information like that should be established before things get serious.2. Not just because I don't personally agree with dating a trans woman, but I also absolutely hate being lied to.

Topping isn’t really my thing, but I had a narrow window of opportunity to enjoy being a commodity fetish and wanted to make the most of it.

Feeling sexy and desired just by being honest about myself was really gratifying, especially after hating my body for so many years.

I don't really see them as ever having been a man, as much as they just had a man's anatomy.

I would understand if they didn't tell people right away, because that kind of thing is pretty private.