Gayle king dating

06 Mar

"They are copying us." What has also helped is a team of anchors who truly like each other. King adds that her relaxed on-air rapport with Rose has led to questions from viewers about how close they really are. ' She said 'you know what I mean.' I said 'I don't know what you mean.'" "They're not dating," O'Donnell notes."Women are always asking me about the show," says King. "There is a genuine affection and friendship that's going on here." Rose credits the arrival of O'Donnell — who replaced CBS holdover Erica Hill in September — for helping the combination click.Jesse Tyler Ferguson May Have The Best Coming Out Story Ever!! I MET THIS LADY LAST NIGHT WHO TOLD ME, SHE WAS LIKE, "OH, WE SO WANT CHARLIE AND GAYLE TO GET TOGETHER." I FORGOT TO TELL YOU THAT!


"They've done that very well." Some of the touches executive producer Chris Licht (formerly of MSNBC's ) brought to the show, such as the round glass table that lends itself to conversation among the anchors, have even shown up on other morning programs.

"For the first time CBS is not copying anybody in the morning," says Licht.

I'm, I'm gay." Sources from CBS have told that's not what she said, but we're on the fence. :: EVERYONE LAUGHS/CHARLIE KISSES GAYLE'S SHOULDER:: GK: I'M JUST KIDDING.

We know Miz King has joked and shot down the coupling rumors with Oprah before, but her statement sounds like the Freudian slips to end all Freudian slips! UPDATE: We received the official transcript of this morning's show from CBS directly, and they're confirming Gayle did not refer to herself as "gay" during the broadcast.