Fearne cotton dating craig david

13 Sep

The 43-year-old comedian - who is played by Leigh Francis - believes the loud-mouth former glamour model let him down when she was invited on the…

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The film's plot surrounds Lemon's rags to riches story, after achieving success on the basis of a mobile phone with a lemon sweet stuck on the back.

Keith Lemon (Leigh Francis) is an aspiring business entrepreneur from Leeds, who is trying to secure investment for his invention, the Securipole (a metal pole put in the driveway to prevent car theft).

He travels to London to present the Securipole at an inventor's convention, putting his friend Dougie (Kevin Bishop) in charge of his business while he is away.

Keith Lemon - portrayed by Leigh Francis - has admitted he'd love to persuade the 'Walking Away' hitmaker to be a guest on the boozy panel show but doesn't think it's an option right now…

Keith Lemon thinks Katie Price was the "worst guest" he's ever had on his hit show 'Celebrity Juice'.