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02 Mar

She first appears in "Michael Scott Paper Company", and is referred to by her middle name, Erin, to differentiate herself from Kelly Kapoor. Erin Hannon is the receptionist hired to replace Pam Halpert (after Kevin's brief stint in the job) in "Dream Team".premiered on Showtime on January 18, 2004, and for the subsequent six seasons we tuned in every Sunday night to the drama, scandal, and sexcapades of Los Angeles’ titillating lesbians.Bette, Tina, Jenny, Alice, Kit, Helena, Dana, Max, Jodi, Tasha, Carmen, Lara, Marina, Phyllis, Joyce, Papi, Molly, and the unforgettable a more candid approach with their story., a lesbian reality show that ran for 3 seasons, had its core fans, but never really took off like the original drama.So, in celebration of the show that started it all, we wanted to track down all of the beloved actresses we tuned in religiously to watch.One of the more entertaining aspects of the show was the main character Will Mc Avoy (played by Jeff Daniels) being romantically connected to Erin Andrews on the show.In two different scenes, coworkers playfully brought up the subject that Mc Avoy was spotted during his recent vacation to the Caribbean with Andrews and that photos of them ran on TMZ.

Andrews is 34, thus leaving a presumed 23 year gap in age.

She grew up in foster families and has said that when she was younger "my hair was my room", i.e., the place she hid from stress and trauma.

In "", she said all of her peers were getting their drivers licenses eight years ago which would give her a birth year of approximately 1986.

It’s hard to think of a bigger pop culture lesbian bonding experience in recent years than . (Also, don’t forget to enter out Hot as L Sweepstakes.) Discuss.

So having Jennifer, Laurel Holloman, Kate Moennig, Leisha Hailey, Erin Daniels and, fine, even Eric Mabius in one room is makes me a little nostalgic.