Environmental effects of consolidating farms

28 Feb

For example, a heavy rain caused manure to infiltrate a municipal well in Walkerton (Ontario, Canada) in May 2000.The Agricultural Credit Act forms the basis for action by the Agricultural Credit Board.Marula is located in the Limpopo province, some 50 kilometres north of Burgersfort.Marula holds two contiguous mining rights and a prospecting right covering 5 494 hectares across the farms Winaarshoek and Clapham, and portions of the farms Driekop, Forest Hill and Hackney.While festering in these lagoons, liquefied animal waste often leaches into the groundwater, contaminating neighboring wells and rendering water unsafe for humans and farm animals.

Stevens conducted the research while working as a graduate student at the USDA-ARS.

The Board's assistance makes provisions available to communal farmers, subsistence and beginner farmers, small farms, part time and commercial farmers.

In addition, the Board provides assistance to farmers for purchasing land under certain conditions.

Strawberries are America's fifth-favorite fruit, according to consumption rates.

California and Florida grow more than 95% of the nation's strawberries; an additional 12,000 acres are planted in other states.