Dutch gay dating

10 Sep

Many bars are filled with more foreigners than locals during the summer months.

Ordering drinks in your native tongue is no problem, but don't be surprised to be treated as a tourist rather than a Dutchman (or woman).

Author Cornald Maas said the “obsolete ghetto formation” was “disgraceful”.

Developers propose turning a patch of forested land on the outskirts of Tilburg into a gated community created with input from potential residents.

Which role does race play in the interactions between white, Dutch gay men who belong the dominant culture and gay men of color in the gay scene?

The idea that homosexuality is accepted in Dutch society, and especially Amsterdam, is an idea that many in this city and country are heavily invested in. National gay rights organizations are heavily subsidized by the government.

There is a constant endeavor to stay ‘Amsterdam, Gay Capital of the World’. The Amsterdam municipality is even ‘exporting’ gay rights to other countries by for example sponsoring Gay Pride events.

which gives a greater sense of social cohesion and security”.

The Netherlands ranks as one of the most gay-friendly societies in Europe.